Millionaire Passions Review

Millionaire PassionsMillionairePassions is a free online millionaire dating & social networking site for wealthy singles making over $100,000 a year. Joining the website is free and free members get full access to its features. Obtaining gold membership is super cheap, at $4.95. The site offers many free features that serve as good conversation starters (like photo personals, email, forums, groups, etc.) Since MillionairePassions is a free site, there are many advertisements on its homepage, meanwhile the site exist too many bugs. So it's not a good choice if you really want to find a millionaire dating relationship online.

Signing up is easy and you can set up your profile in minutes. The site has a diverse range of members with different professions and ethnicities. The gender ratio is favorable as well. The features the site offers are appreciable. The site offers many features that serve as good conversation starters. You can send emails and virtual gifts (a neat feature in its own right). You can also tag any member you are interested in and use the many miscellaneous options, like giving a smooch, or a hug. If any member replies with a similar gesture, you can take the cue and start working your way to a relationship.

There are also 'groups", any one of which you can join to discuss and interact with people who share the same interests as you. Other features include uploading videos for others to see, adding members to your friends list and viewing who is online, who is the newest member, who logged in recently, and the most popular members. The search feature has many advanced options and filters to ensure you get only the relevant results. The website even has its own blog and forum!

The Good

Free members get full access, something otherwise completely unheard of when it comes to elite online dating websites, and the subscription fee for becoming a gold member is considerably cheaper than the other websites. The features are at par with other great websites but with the advantage that they are free. As mentioned, the best thing about the website is the membership fee for the gold package, as it is only $4.95.

The Bad

The features might be good but they are not great. As membership is free, the quality of singles on the website is compromised. This means you will come across many bogus profiles and there is no strict way you can filter that. That being said, the website does try its best to keep this hassle to a minimum.

The Verdict

If you are a man looking for a good dating website and are rich, this website could cut out to be the right one for your needs. Even if you are not, you can join and try your luck at dating a millionaire. After all, membership is free so you have nothing to lose. This makes it the best website for people on a limited income who want to explore the world of online dating without spending any money on it initially.

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