Your First Millionaire - Older or Younger

Whether you prefer to date younger or older millionaire men depends entirely on your own preferences and expectations. Although each man is different, knowing what you may expect can help you greatly in choosing your perfect match!

Older Millionaire

1. Older millionaire men have more sex

One of the millionaire dating websites conducted a survey on sex life of young and older millionaires and surprisingly, if you want to enjoy your partner more than once a week you should definitely go for older gentlemen. Apparently, most millionaire men over the age of 45 benefit from frequent sex of four times a week. It seems that the younger men are too busy making money to indulge themselves as much.

2. Older millionaire men appreciate you more

It is well known that older rich gentlemen tend to appreciate and take better care of their younger girlfriends. The youthfulness you bring into the relationship energizes your partner and makes him feel young again. This is a great gift that they will make sure to thank you for.

3. Older millionaire men can act as mentors

With all the years of experience and gathered knowledge older millionaire men often treat their younger girlfriends as their apprentices, teaching them about all sorts of things, such as wine and travel. They are more refined and well cultured since their focus is not anymore on establishing their position but on enjoying the fruits of their work. They usually have more patience then the young studs and are more understanding if you lack experience or show some little flaws. They will gladly show you the world the way they know it and expand your horizons. Also, most women dating older millionaire men often mention how secure they feel in such relationships - something to be appreciated.

4. Older millionaire men want to spend more time together

Older millionaire men usually can spend more time with their partners than the younger millionaires. If you are a busy girl you may see it as a disadvantage, however, not all women enjoy limited contact and occasional hook up. If you are looking for building something meaningful you have better chances of spending more quality time with an older millionaire- he will frequently invite you to a nice dinner or exotic holidays to enjoy time together to the fullest.

5. Older millionaire men can make you care for them a lot

Because of all the amount of time older millionaire is able to spend with you it is natural that you will bond. Since older millionaire men are usually very generous, understanding and protective it is difficult not to develop tender feelings towards them or fall in love with them. If they are already committed to somebody it can be a painful experience. Also, if you wanted to only enjoy a temporary romance things can get complicated because of the bond you may share. Make sure to consider this before you make your final pick.